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We Love Rocks

Our Mission

The Contra Costa Mineral & Gem Society is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the Secretary of State of the state of California, whose mission it is to....   When you're ready, you will probably want to read the official Mission Statement. It's pretty interesting. In the mean time, here's the real deal :

Azurite from Oujda, Morocco

We Love Rocks!

All members of CCM&G; have one thing in common; we love rocks: rocks, stones, agates, jasper, even granite, ryholite, and andandesite.

Some of us are gemologists, some are geologists. Many have interests in both the structure of the earth and the cleavage of a crystal. Some are very specialized in a single field. Our members include amateurs, professionals, PhD's, rockhounds, and even scrubby rockhounds. We even have some scrubby PhD rockhounds.

The one thing we all appreciate is the beauty of the earth and the beauty of the earth's bounty. Call it crystallography, rockhounding, geology, or earth science. In a word, we love rocks! It's rockology...

Sharing the Gem

CCM&GS; members enjoy a bountiful array of educational classes in the lapidary arts, geology, and mineralogy; educational lectures, and nearly unlimited access to geologic and rockhounding field trips throughout California. Explore more of what CCM&GS; provides by clicking on the menu items on the navigation bar.

And CCM&GS; gives back. CCM&GS; has targeted programs for young rockhounders and provides speakers to local schools at every grade level. Educators and students, check the Kid's Corner.

Come to a Meeting

We meet the second Monday of each month at 7:30 pm in east Concord. Our meetings highlight renown speakers, expert in the fields of the earth sciences. And, our monthly programs are considered by many to be the premier earth science lectures in the bay area.

For information on our monthly meetings and upcoming speakers, see our Programs page. Check our location map, and even get directions from your home.

Join Us

Joining CCM&GS; is affordable and fun. If you like rocks, you'll love CCM&GS;.
membership information here, and join us at our next meeting.

See you soon ...

By the way, if you want to read our official Mission Statement,
I suggest you do. It's pretty interesting, too.

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