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CCM&GS; presents a wide variety educational classes in the Lapidary arts, and earth sciences. These are available to members for a small fee - most are free. Some of the recent classes are listed below. Cabochon Class
  • Silver Clay Jewelery Making
    Polishing Silver Clay Learn how to work with Silver Clay. Make beautiful jewelry by simply molding your creations in modeling clay. Use stamps to add patterns. Set CZ gems and other stones directly into the clay. After firing and polishing, you have a brilliant item of jewelry, ready to wear.

  • Beginning Cabochon Making
    Making a Cabochon Starting with a rock slab, learn how to mark the shape, trim, and pre-grind the slab to the desired shape. Learn about attaching the dop stick. And then with a Genie Cabochon Machine grind and polish through all the grits to form your work of art. Class is held in Antioch and instructed by Gary Casillas.

  • Rock Carving Tools
    An introductory class in rock carving tools. Dave Clayton Examines Carving Burr The class includes an introduction to a variety of including the Dremel, Fordom, and Micro-motor tools plus carving and polishing bits. Also covered are the basic use of the tools plus safety requirements. If youíve ever thought about carving stone for jewelry, decorative items, etc., this is the class you absolutely must have first. If you donít know the tools, you can't do your best work. Class conducted by Dave Clayton of Jadecarver.com and purveyor of hand carved Jade and carving tools.
And More Classes...

  • Wire Wrapped Jewelery Techniques

  • Soapstone & Alabaster Carving

  • Green River Fossil Preparation

  • GPS Navigation and Routing Methods Using Topo!

  • Knowing Your Way Around a Rockhound Field Trip

CCM&GS; normally sponsors and conducts eight to ten lapidary classes per year. Check here for a current listing of upcoming educational classes. To see listings of all upcoming CCM&GS; activities including monthly programs and field trips, follow the Events link on the left.

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