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Many CCM&GS; members participate in, rock collecting, and geologic field trips. In cooperation with other clubs, members may choose from dozens of events annually -- just in Northern California. More field trips are available yearly in Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, and throughout the west. Field Trip Drive over Pumice, Glass Mountain If you are interested, see our list of Local Collecting Sites.

All field trips are guided by competent and experienced leaders, and each attendee is covered by liability insurance.

Field trips are often on BLM, NFS, or other government lands. Many times though, club field trip leaders can arrange access to private property normally closed to the public. This is often a once in a life time experience available to CCM&GS; members.

Rock collecting outings are some of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences for many members. Leaders see to it that everyone returns with a load of rocks, lots of food, and plenty of memories. Cooking, fellowship, and campfire stories are all part of the rockhounding lore. And many, many members can recount the origins of each rock, how they uncovered that prized specimen, and the memories of the expedition. Heck, it's just plain fun even if you just sit by the campfire.

CCM&GS; normally sponsors and conducts one or two field trips a year to sites for rockhounding and/or education on topics of general interest to the members.

In addition, dozens of other field trips are available to members through participation with other groups. CCM&GS; is a member of NBFT (North Bay Field Trips) and affiliated with the Field Trip Cooperative (COOP). Each group conducts eight to ten field trips per year, providing our club members access to 18-20 field trips each year -- enough to fill up your weekends once and over again.

More Field trips available to members are conducted by the CFMS, AFMS, and BLM (Bureau of Land Management).

You can read about and see photos of some of our more recent outings in the following section below. Also, See the list of Upcoming Field Trips.

Recent Field Trips

Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve, Berkeley Hills, CA


The Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve field trip included an exploration and interpretation of California's coastal vulcanization in one of the most accessible and demonstrative examples of volcanic geology in the world. CCM&GS; members saw it up-close and personal with interpretation by an expert in the region. Take a look at the story of the Sibley Field Trip and the Sibley Photo Gallery.

Glass Mountain, Northern California

Arm fulls of Pumice

This was a rare opportunity for CCM&GS; members to collect pumice limb cases, volcanic bombs, christobolite, and other ejecta from a private reserve on Glass Mountain. The area was protected by a private claim and only available to CCM&GS; and associated members. The trip resulted in members retrieving vast amounts of rare and valuable specimens.

Glass mountain is near the Lava Beds National Monument. One day was set aside for rockhounders to explore the lava beds, lava tubes, and the unusual geologic features of the Monument.

Davis Creek, Northern California

Rockhounding at Davis Creek, CA

The Davis Creek/Lassen Creek region of Northern California is rich in a wide range of much sought after obsidian species. This four-day field trip included collection of obsidian needles as well as rainbow, pink lady, midnight black, and tan obsidian - all prized and beautiful forms.

Upcoming Field Trips

If you are excited about CCM&GS; and our rockhounding events, see our list of upcoming field trips. We hope to see soon. Bring your rock hammer and your enthusiasm!

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