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Is this Club Right for Me?

If you want to be with a group of people who can help you know more about the earth sciences, rocks, gems, the lapidary arts, and the world around you, then you are in the right place.

All our members are passionate about these things. We don't all know everything about all of this. In fact, none of us do. That is why we joined this club. All of us are here to learn more.

Some know more than you could think possible about rocks and minerals or the lapidary arts. Many of our members are expert (and can help you) make a cabochon, wire wrap a precious stone, identify a rock or mineral with a 10x loupe, describe the rock formations in your city, explain earth's plate tectonics.

Take this short quiz:

  • Do you Love Rocks? (If you're wondering, read what we think about rocks.)
  • Do you see beauty in a finely crafted gem ... and also a polished rock?
  • If you have kids or grand kids, do you want them to catch the enthusiasm of science and the world around them?
  • Do you want to catch the enthusiasm of science and the world around you?
Well, it's not actually a quiz for membership. But if we're on the right track, membership in CCM&GS; may be for you. Come to a meeting and find out.

All and all, we're all here to learn and help others learn. If you are ready to explore the world of rocks, we want you.
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Benefits of Membership

Membership has its rewards. The greatest benefits of membership stem from the extraordinary experience and capabilities of our fellow members. Specifically, as a member of CCM&GS; your benefits include:
  • Great Speakers, monthly,
  • Educational Classes: often at no cost,
  • Field Trips: dozens annually,
  • Newsletter: Diablo Diggin's,
  • Extensive Library,
  • Discount to Rock & Gem Magazine,
  • Discounts at local businesses,
  • Free Admissions to the State Mining and Mineral Museum,
  • Membership in CFMS and AFMS,
  • Spring Picnic,
  • Summer BBQ and Rock Swap, and
  • Great Friendships.
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Membership Requirements

The only real requirement is that you attend one meeting - just to check us out. Fill out an application and pay the membership fee. That's it. You're in!

Oh, did I forget? All applications must be approved by the Board of Directors. So cross your fingers. (I have no idea what their requirements are. Far as I know, I was the only one they ever had second thoughts about! - webmaster). Seriously, there are some actual requirements of membership. Here they are straight, from the Club's by-laws:

  • Attend one regular monthly meeting,
  • Be at least 18 years of age. (Youth may join in association with an adult),
  • Submit a completed application with the requisite fees,
  • Be accepted by a vote of the Board of Directors.
  • Contribute to the annual gem & mineral show,
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Member Expectations

Work: Members are expected to make a substantial contribution to the annual Gem & Mineral Show in November. This could be twenty hours of work on signage, set-up, tear-down, security, or other tasks. Contribution is important because our Show is the primary source of revenue and funds educational classes and public out reach in the earth sciences.

Rocks: Members are also expected to donate a portion of the rocks they collect on Field Trips for sale at our annual Silent Auction. The club does not expect your best finds, but ten percent of the "good stuff" is considered a good contribution. Why? The club initiates, conducts, and supports all member field trips. And as they say in an old country western song, you want to "Dance with the one that brung ya."

Participation: Members are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings and social events. We are fortunate to have substantial participation in our club activities. This is due in great part to the camaraderie of our members and the outstanding quality we maintain in the montly speaker programs. As you will see when you join, the club is very much more interested in active members than a large membership roll.

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Cost of Membership

Joining CCM&GS; is inexpensive and affordable. An entire family can join for less than $25 a year. Annual dues are $10 per adult and $1 per child (Junior) under 18. Each member pays a one time fee of $5 for their membership badge.
  • Annual membership fee
    • $10 - Adult
    • $  1 - Junior
  • One-time badge fee
    • $  5 - Adult
    • $  5 - Junior
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Application for Membership

Applications are available at the monthly meetings. We really want you to come to a meeting before you join. There, you will be able to meet some of us, see what we have to offer, and see if we fit with your expectations. To get started, you may want to download this sample Membership Application.

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