Kids’ Corner

Youth Program for Junior Rockhounds

Kids Are Welcome

Kids like rocks! And, we do too. All of us here at CCM GS; remember a fascination with rocks when we were young. Our joy is to convey our love of rocks, fossils, and the earth sciences to the community and especially the young people of our community. Rock Studies for Youth Kids are welcome to all of our monthly meetings. Most often the programs are interesting and engaging to all ages. At times, kids may understand the broader concepts while they skip over some of the technical details (That happens with adults, too!). The idea of our monthly programs is to entertain, inform and challenge the audience.

Annual Show

Our annual show features educational projects and enjoyable activities for youth — and adults alike. We partner with the Scouting community to provide facilities to help in the completion of their earth science certifications.

Each November, at our annual Show, CCM&GS; provides an earth science educational training seminar for youth. Hundreds of kids and hundreds of Scouts participate to learn more about rocks and minerals and their relevance in our society.

Special programs are tailored to both boy and girl Scouts and Pathfinders. Cub Scouts obtain their Belt Lupe and Boy Scouts their Merit Badges. All youth can participate and receive special certifications in the earth sciences.

Youth participate in many hands-on activities to explore the differences and origins of the three basic rock types, critical thinking of earth processes, identifying rocks, and starting their own rock collection.

Plus, kids can talk to a geologist to learn about career opportunities in the earth sciences, and bring their rocks for identification by a geologist.

And then, there are a lot of activities just for fun, like rock painting, spin the wheel, grab bags, fluorescent room, and a treasure hunt.