President’s Monthly Message

Well another busy month has flown by. Several of our members have had some planned surgeries and they’re on the mend. We’re finally getting to the end of flu and cold season and hopefully we’re all feeling good and getting ready to get out there and do what we do best…find some rocks. And hey, since we’ll probably all have serious water rationing this summer there will be no need to stay at home doing yard work. If fact, many people may choose to change to desert landscaping and there’s nothing better than putting rocks you collected yourself in your yards.

For those of you who were able to attend last month’s general meeting (and I apologize again for having to leave early), you heard that Harry is planning the 2015 Show Meetings starting soon. We have less time to get organized this year, so don’t be bashful about volunteering to help out.

See you all at the April general meeting (second Monday of the month, same place, same time). I should be thawed out from Alaska.

Dave Kleesattel