Shape of the Month and Year-to-Date Contest Status

Shape of the Month

Cabochon Competition Shapes for 2010

  • January: Irregular
  • February: Heart
  • March: Oval
  • April: Round
  • May: Pear (Teardrop)
  • June: Triangle (Three acute angles)
  • July: Freeform (No symmetry)
  • August: No competition (Auction night)
  • September: Marquis (Cat eye)
  • October: Rectangle (Or square)
  • November: Oval
  • December: No competition (Holiday & Awards Dinner)

In addition to the competition, please bring rock or gem related items, including photos, to share with everyone.

Monthly Lapidary Contest


Members compete in several monthly lapidary contests for the best craftsmanship in each of several categories. Awards are given for the overall annual winners and also for life-time achievement. Following are the year to date standings for competing members.

Congratulations to the winner of the 2010 Diablo Dan Pro pin, Paul Black!

(I know, I was also the Diablo Dan Pro pin contest chairman.
Next year, if you are chairman, maybe you could win too [grin] — Paul)

There are no Contest Results for 2011 currently available.